Will Van Moss

Welcome to my profile

Actor: Professional Danser Presenter: Amateur


Age 26

Location Brooklyn, USA


Dutch: Mother tongue English: Mother tongue French: Expert German: Moderate


Snowboard Combat sports Tennis Fencing Gym & Fitness

Driver's license


Physical Properties

Length (In cm): 177
Skin color:
Hair color:
Hair length: medium


Introduction to Drama School
London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts (2011 — 2011)

Musical Theatre and Acting on Film
New York Film Academy (2014 — 2016)

About me

Belgian-born, trilingual film and theater actor Will Van Moss has been acting professionally since the young age of 11. He is well-known for the depth he brings to any character and his immense repertoire of languages and accents. Will is fluent in English, Dutch and French and speaks Italian and German at an intermediate level. He enjoyed an education at UCL, LAMDA and the New York Film Academy where he engaged in Musical Theatre, Shakespeare, Greek Tragedies, Modern Theater Pieces and Film & TV work Furthermore, he has trained under such incredible teachers as Isaac Byrne, Matthew James Thomas and John Desiderio. His repertoire includes award-winning shows and productions such as Kiss It, Make It Better”, Let Mercy Come”, Eyes of A Blue Dog”, Undaunted” and The Ghosts of Ethan Dean”.


My experiences

Bromosexual (2018 - 2019)

Role: Matthew Warren Type: Film On behalf of: Project Boy TV

I play Matthew Warren in the YouTube web series Bromosexual, he is a young heterosexual man with very effeminate tendencies, so everyone presumes he is gay. He’s a comedic character that provides wisdom to his best friend and main character; Dez.

Undaunted (2017 - 2018)

Role: Unterscharführer Klein Type: Film On behalf of: Matt Strelecki

A young German Nazi who became Unterscharführer and now is in charge of killing a young French traitor but is struggling with killing someone face to face.

Let Mercy Come (2017 - 2018)

Role: Kyle Type: Film On behalf of: Andrew Serban

Kyle is a young neo-nazi who is part of a small gang who is bullying and spying on a new Syrian refugee in town.

PsychAdelic! (2016 - 2017)

Role: Glen Type: Film On behalf of: 42010 Productions

Glen is a classic NYC stoner who is also quite intuitive. When him and his best friend, Neil, decide to create a hive-mind for themselves so they can telepathically talk to each other, his sister feels excluded and senses something fishy going on. Glen oblivious of the evil alien forces that Neil has brought into the hive mind is visited by the Eyes, as Mary starts to see them too. Glen is the stoner-guy everyone loves but might not be the brightest of the group.


Role: Matt Type: Film On behalf of: Wasly Castillo

Short film about a trans woman, Matt/​Sui coming to terms with her gender. She talks to her future self, Sui, as she debates on whether or not to accept who she really is.

Brown Sugar (2016)

Role: Michael Type: Film On behalf of: Brad Groleau

Michael is a young heroin addict close to dying, as he is visited by the main character, who is looking to sell heroin to pay off the debts her son caused in her life. He reminds her of her son and they have a conversation on how much he needs the drugs to survive. He eventually collapses as she refuses to sell him the drugs.

The Ghosts of Ethan Dean (2015 - 2016)

Role: Kyle Osborn Type: Film On behalf of: Chad Larabee

An award winning short musical film about Ethan Dean who is haunted by ghosts from his past and present as he deals with an emotional situation after losing someone he loved. It is unclear who died. Kyle is Ethan’s boyfriend and throughout the film you see the two fight a lot about Ethan’s drug addicted sister, about where Kyle is going for a few months etc.