Sven Segers

Welcome to my profile

Actor: Professional Voice over Presenter: Professional


Age 20

Location Kinrooi, BEL


Dutch: Mother tongue English: Mother tongue

Driver's license



Gym & Fitness Table Tennis

Physical Properties

Length (In cm): 176
Skin color:
Hair color:
Hair length: short


Sint-Augustinusinstituut Bree (2015 — 2018)

Audiovisuele Kunsten
LUCA | School of Arts (2018 — 2020)

Professional Actor (2019 — 2019)

About me

I’m a 20 year old professional actor with a wide variety of skills. An enthusiastic producer with a temper, or a man struggling with PTSD. No job is too much and no experience too little. That’s my motto for the acting world.


My experiences

A Day In My Life (2019)

Role: The Broken Man Type: Film On behalf of:

In this role I played a man with an intense traumatic experience, caused by his father. In the scene I talk about the experience, but I try to stop my emotions in the process. In which I fail.

Les Revenants (2019)

Role: Suspect Type: Film On behalf of: LUCA | School of Arts

In this scène I play an innocent suspect.