Laura Campbell

Welcome to my profile

Extra Mannequin: Amateur Voice over


Age 22

Location Genk, Belgium


English: Mother tongue Dutch: Mother tongue French: Basic

Physical Properties

Length (In cm): 168
Skin color:
Hair color:
Hair length: medium


Luca School of Arts
Bachelor in Game art & Design (2016 — 2019)

Luca School of Arts
Master in Game Art & Design (2019 — 2020)

About me

Ik werk graag mee aan interessante film/​fotografie projecten, vooral omdat ik een creatieve liefhebber ben 😄


My experiences

Minor role in student film (2013)

Role: Hacker side-kick Type: Film On behalf of: Student film major

My character was like a female version of Ned’s Guy in the chair” from Spider-Man: Homecoming.