Korneel Bucsán

Welcome to my profile


Age 20

Location Moeskroen, BEL


Dutch: Mother tongue French: Mother tongue English: Moderate

Your roles

Actor: Amateur

Driver's license



Acrobatics Snowboard

Physical Properties

Length (In cm): 183
Skin color:
Hair color:
Hair length: short


Hogeschool Gent (2018 — 2021)

About me

Hi, I’m a 20 year old guy from Belgium. I never really got the chance to audition for a serie or movie because my parents never believed that acting was something for me. I did what they expected from me, going to school and get a degree. After that, I really want to prove them wrong because I love acting or being someone else at that moment. I speak French and Dutch fluently. My English is good but not perfect, that’s why I’m thinking about moving to another country for 2 – 3 years to really master my English accent. I have 3 passions: Acting, producing and business talk (more selling myself and convincing others). If you’re looking for a motivated guy who would do everything for a role, please contact me. I won’t let you down because I know I would be one of the most hard working guys in the business (but first I need a chance to prove myself).


My experiences

Task for a friend (2018 - 2020)

Role: Main role Type: Film On behalf of: A directing student/friend

I did 3 shortfilms and had the main role for those. I fell in love with acting in front of the camera.